Future Courses

(Please note courses are subject to change.)

Fall 2019

GSWS 100-3 Sex Talk:  Introduction to Contemporary Issues in Sexuality Studies (B-Hum) | Leung
GSWS 101-3 Gender Talk (B-Soc) | Campbell
GSWS 102-3 Feminist Action (B-Hum) | Distance Education
GSWS 210-3 Gender Today  REVISED | Bittner    
GSWS 306-4 Gender, Sexuality and Autobiographical Media | Walks (Surrey)
GSWS 312-4 Immigrants, Women and Transnational Migration | Distance Education
GSWS 318-4 ST: Gender and Celebrity Culture | Patterson
GSWS 319-4 ST:  Heroines from Greece | Kotsovilii
GSWS 320-4 ST:  Forty Years of AIDS:  Fatigue, Failure, and Fantasies | Saria
GSWS 321-4 ST:  Sex Work:  Local Issues in Global Context | Shearman
GSWS 322-4 Feminist Approaches to Research | Nye
GSWS 330-4  Masculinities | Marchbank (SRYE)
GSWS 333-4 Ruth Wynn Woodward Advanced Seminar:  Gender and Ethnicity in Modern China
| Salimjan
GSWS 341-4 History of Women in Europe: Ideas and Debates from the Renaissance to the Present | Doxiadis
GSWS 414-4 Dude, Where's My Body? Biopolitics, Biotechnologies, Bioecologies | Nye
(if you have taken this course as GSWS 320 or 411, you can not take it for further credit.)

GSWS 811-3 Professional Development Colloquium I | Leung
GSWS 822-5 Graduate Seminar in Feminist Theory | Marchbank
GSWS 830-5 ST:  Sex Work:  Local Issues in Global Context | Shearman
GSWS 831-5 ST:  Dude, Where's My Body? Biopolitics, Biotechnologies, Bioecologies | Nye


Courses offered by Associate Faculty:

HIST 454-4 Oral History of Lesbians and the Women's Movement | Chenier


Spring 2020

GSWS 101-3 Gender Talk (B-Soc) | Distance Education
GSWS 102-3 Feminist Action (B-Hum) | Marchbank
GSWS 200-3 Feminism without Borders | Sessional
GSWS 204-3 Sex and the City | Muller Myrdahl
GSWS 2XX-3 ST:  Introduction to Gender in Indigenous Literature and Film | Scudeler
GSWS 311-4 Modernizing Women: Canadian Women in Historical Perspective, 1870s-1970s | L. Patterson
GSWS 314-4 Race, Class and Gender | Zaman
GSWS 315-4 Critical Disability Studiesr | Nye
GSWS 316-4 Disciplining Sex: Feminist Science Studies and Sociobiology | Nye
GSWS 318-4 ST: TBA | N. Patterson
GSWS 319-4 ST:  TBA | Sessional
GSWS 321-4 D100 ST: Family and Youth in Scotland | McCullough
GSWS 321-4 D200 ST:  Introduction to Porn Studies: Production, Pleasure, and Performance| Saria
GSWS 320-4 ST:  TBA | Sessional
GSWS 331-4 Queer Genders | Shearman
GSWS 335W-4  Through a Gendered Lens | Marchbank (Surrey)
GSWS 431-4 Local Sex on Global Screen | Leung

GSWS 800-5 Toolkit for GSWS Research | Muller Myrdahl
GSWS 812-3 Professional Development Colloquium II | Leung
GSWS 826-5 Graduate Seminar on Queer/Trans Studies | Saria
GSWS 831-5 ST:  TBA | N. Patterson

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