GSWS Student Union

The Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies Student Union has strong visions for the upcoming school year at Simon Fraser University. This student union aims to bring the department, its faculty, and students together in order to create connection, inclusivity, and representation to marginalized groups in a safe space. Previously, this has been pursued through events like career nights, trivia nights, movie nights, french fry socials, fundraisers, and much more! Our goal is to continue these types of events and to also bring in new and fun things to do in the upcoming year.  

An interesting thing about the GSWSSU is that we have a whole new team this year who want to learn from and support alongside its members! We also have a range of members, from first years to fourth years!  

Any GSWS major, minor, joint major, or student taking at least one GSWS class can join the GSWS Student Union! The perks include: making a difference in the SFU community, making new friends, being a part of something greater, and having fun! Elected executives also get volunteer experience on their Co-Curricular record!

We meet in the GSWS lounge:  Academic Quadrangle on the fifth floor in room 5102, also known as AQ 5102. We invite you to check out our socials for all the latest updates and on how to be a part of the GSWSSU!  





GSWS Student Union Executive Profiles

Only those students who wished to have their profile on our website are included.

Jess Dela Cruz

My name is Jess Dela Cruz (she/her pronouns). I am the FASS Representative, Secretary, and Special Events Coordinator of GSWSSU. I am in my second year at SFU in hopes of doing a Major in English with a Double Minor in History and Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies for Education. I chose to take my first GSWS class (101 with Lara Campbell) after taking a Social Justice class in high school. I realized that this was the place of opportunity to discuss current events, issues, and topics related to race, feminism, sexuality, the LGBTQ+ community, and more without any ridicule. My hope for this union is to continue to carry out these conversations outside of SFU through our other courses, daily life, and social media in the hopes of creating discussions that bring unity, respect, and inclusivity with one other.

Madeleine Chan

My name is Madeleine Chan (she/they pronouns) and I am the Social Media Engagement Officer and the Communications Coordinator for the GSWSSU. I am going into my fourth year of pursuing a Communications Major and a minor in both GSWS and Dialogue. I chose GSWS because I took one class as an elective and fell in love with the subject matter. It really related to me personally and also to what I was seeing in the world at large. GSWS has now become truly important to me because it has allowed me to expand my worldview and given me the tools to help the world around me. I hope that through the GSWSSU I can help build SFU’s GSWS community and make SFU a more inclusive and fun place to be for everyone!

Selina Sahota

My name is Selina Sahota (she/her pronouns) and I am the social events co-ordinator and treasurer for the GSWSSU. I am beginning my second year of university in hopes of pursuing an English and GSWS joint major. GSWS classes taught me so much during my first year about gender, sexuality, and intersectionality that  I want to continue learning more. As a woman of colour, these topics are highly relevant and important in my life. The GSWS classroom atmosphere of inclusivity and respect is what made me want to become more involved and join the union. By being part of the GSWSSU I hope to increase my engagement at SFU and create positive change in my community.

Alicia Fahrner

My name is Alicia Fahrner (she/ her pronouns). I am the chair of the GSWSSU as well as the department representative. I am entering my fourth year with a major in both Psychology and GSWS. I fell in love with GSWS early on into my undergraduate journey, amazed by how much clarity GSWS brought to my academic and personal life, as a queer woman of colour, so I decided to pursue it as more than just the occasional elective and it has been one of the best decisions I have made. The environment that GSWS classes provide are open spaces to learn and grow, be inclusive, with radical forms of thinking, resisting and being, which are all supported by the instructors and students. So often I find myself inspired and thankful for crossing paths with different amazing folks because of GSWS. Therefore, I want to nurture our student union to be one which is inclusive, radically defiant, resistant and insistant on claiming a space and creating a student culture that is a unifying community.  

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