Ruth Wynn Woodward Jr Chair 2019-2021

Dr. Guldana Salimjan, Ruth Wynn Woodward Jr Chair of the Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies Department.

My research examines settler colonial processes in China and Central Eurasia, and how gender is positioned in the construction of historical memory, nationalism, and discourses of development. As an ethnic minority from Western China, I have always been interested in the complex interactions between identity, power, and representation in changing contexts. My current book project explores this subject in the Sino-Kazakhstan border region, where I conducted ethnographic research with Xinjiang Kazakhs about their lived experience of state violence, land dispossession, and cultural resilience from the time of Mao to the present day. This term, I am teaching “Gender and Ethnicity in Modern China,” and in summer 2020 I will teach “Violence, Gender, and Memory in Global Asia,” which explores gender-based violence in imperial and postcolonial states across Asia.