Dr. Habiba Zaman


Dr. Habiba Zaman is Professor in the Department of Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies, Simon Fraser University. She earned her M.A. in Political Science and Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of Manitoba. Her areas of research interest include Immigrants, settlement and work in Canada; Global south and social justice movements; Gender and development; Globalization and labour mobility; Race, gender and class; South Asia. She has published extensively in international journals.



Current Courses

GSWS 200-3 Feminism without Borders
GSWS 308-4 Women in the Economy: Paid and Unpaid Labour
GSWS 309-4 Gender and International Development
GSWS 312-4 Immigrants, Women and Transnational Migration
GSWS 314-4 Race, Class and Gender
GSWS 830-5  Grad Seminar:  Gender and International Development

Previous Courses

WS 200-3 Women in Cross-Cultural Perspective
WS 203-3 Female Roles in Contemporary Society
WS 208-3: Researching Women’s Issues

WS 301-4  ST. Women of Colour in Canada
WS 302-4 ST. Immigration Women and Economic Security in Canada (compiled)
WS 308-4 Women and Work: Production and Reproduction
WS 308-4 ST. Transnational Migration, Women and Labour
WS 309-4 Gender and Development

WS 312-4 Immigrants, Women and Transnational Migration
WS 314-4: Race, Gender, and Class
WS 400-4: Methodological Issues in Women’s Studies
WS 800-5  Methodology in Women’s Studies Research

Visiting Speaker Dr. Elaine Bernard, Harvard University, USA and few students from Habiba Zaman's GSWS 308: Women in the Economy:  Paid and Unpaid Labour course in the Spring 2012 semester.

Photo of a few students from Dr. Habiba Zaman's WS 312 Immigrants, Women and Transnational Migration, Fall 2009

Photos of some of the students from Dr. Habiba Zaman's WS 314-4 Race, Gender, and Class, Spring 2008


University of Victoria, BC

  • Women in Society: Past and Present
  • Women in Society: Present and Future
  • Classic Feminist Texts: Power, Work and Justice

University of Lethbridge, Alberta

  • Anthropology/Women’s Studies: Anthropology of the Sexes
  • Anthropology/Women’s Studies: Family, Household and Society
  • Anthropology/Women’s Studies: Women and Development
  • Sociology/Women’s Studies: The Family
  • Societies: A Global Perspective
  • Peasant Societies
  • Directed Reading: Female Circumcision in African Societies

University of Manitoba, Manitoba

  • Introductory Cultural Anthropology
  • Introductory Physical Anthropology and Archaeology