Marjorie Griffin Cohen


Professor, Political Science/Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, BC V5A 1S6
Tel: 778-782-5838



Marjorie Griffin Cohen (Professor) BA (Iowa Wesleyan ), MA (NYU), PhD (York University) writes in the areas of political economy and public policy with special emphasis on issues concerning, the Canadian economy, women, labour, electricity deregulation, energy and the environment, and international trade agreements. Her most recent books are Public Policy for Women and Remapping Gender in the New Global Order. Professor Cohen was a director of NewGrade Energy (Sask) and has served on several boards and commissions in British Columbia including the B.C. Industrial Inquiry Commission on the Fisheries; Board of Directors of B.C. Hydro; Board of Directors of B.C. Power Exchange. She was also instrumental in establishing the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives in B.C., was its first Chair, and is on its Board of Directors. She has also been active in feminist issues, serving for many years on the executive board of the National Action Committee on the Status of Women. She currently is involved in two research projects related to global warming, Work in a Warming World, and The Climate Justice Project.





Fall 2010

WS 320/830 Public Policy for Women

Pol 356 The Political Economy of Labour

Spring 2011

Pol 825 Canadian Political Economy

Current Projects

  • Work in a Warming World (CURA) and Climate Justice Project (CURA)
    • Green Employment in Energy Industries
    • Gender and Climate Change Policy
    • Comparative Approaches to Climate Change within Canada
  • The Gendered and Precarious Nature of Teenage Work
  • Feminist Activism on Employment and Economic Issues: The Ontario Committee on the Status of Women


Books & Monographs



Public Policy for Women: The State, Income Security, and Labour Market Issues, ed. with Jane Pulkingham, (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2009), 417 pp. 

A Poverty Reduction Strategy for BC (Seth Klein, Marjorie Griffin Cohen, T. Garner, Iglika Ivanova, Marc Lee, Bruce Wallace, Margot Young). (Vancouver: CCPA, 2008).


Impact of International Trade Rules and US Regulations on the Integrated Power System Plan. Brief to the Ontario Energy Board (co-authored with John Calvert). (IPSP), File No. EB-2007-0707). (Intervenor Status).


Remapping Gender in the New Global Order, ed. with Janine Brodie, (London: Rougledge, 2007). 250 pp.


editor (with Stephen Clarkson) Governing Under Stress: Middle Powers and the Challenge of Globalization, (London & New York: ZED, 2004). 300 pp.

A Return to Wage Discrimination: Pay Equity Losses Through the Privatization of Health Care, (with Marcy Cohen), Vancouver: CCPA, 2004.

Gutting a Power House: BC Hydro and the New Energy Plan Vancouver: CCPA, (2003).


High Tension: BC Hydro’s Deep Integration with the U.S. Through RTO West, (Vancouver: CPP, 2003).

Destroying Pay Equity: The effects of privatizing health care in British Columbia, (Vancouver: HEU, 2003). 


editor, Training the Excluded for Work: Access and Equity for Women, Immigrants, First Nations, Youth and People with Low Income, (Vancouver: UBC Press, 2003). 276 pp.

Marjorie Griffin Cohen and Stephen McBride, Eds., Global Turbulence: Social Activists’ and State Responses to Globalization,(Aldershop, UK: Ashgate, 2003). 196 pp.

Stephen McBride, Laurent Dobuzinskis, Marjorie Griffin Cohen, and James Busumtwi-Sam, Eds. Global Instability: Uncertainty and New Visions in Political Economy (Kluwer, 2002). 237 pp. 

Electricity Deregulation, Privatization and Continental Integration, (Ottawa: Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, 2002.). 60 pp.

Public Power and the Political Economy of Electricity Competition: The Case of B.C. Hydro, (Vancouver: CCPA, 2002).

Do Comparisons Between Hospital Support Workers and Hospitality Workers Make Sense? (Vancouver, HEU, 2001).

The World Trade Organisation and Post-Secondary Education: Implications for the Public System in Australia, (Adelaide: The Hawke Institute, University of South Australia, 2000).

editor, Atlantis, Special Issue Sexual Economics, Vol. 23.2, (Spring 1999). 

Globalization: Some Implications and Strategies for Women, with Laurell Ritchie, Michelle Swenarchuk, and Leah Vosko, (Toronto: National Action Committee on the Status of Women, 1998).

What to Do About Globalization, (Vancouver: Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, 1997).

Canadian Women's Issues, Vol. II, Bold Visions, (Halifax: Lorimer, 1995) with Ruth Roach Pierson, 500 pp.

Canadian Women's Issues, Vol. I, Strong Voices, (Halifax: Lorimer: 1993), with Ruth Roach Pierson, Paula Bourne, and Philinda Masters, 460 pp. 

Women's Work, Markets, and Economic Development in Nineteenth Century Ontario, (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1988), 258 pp.

Free Trade in Services: An Issue of Concern to Women, (Ottawa: Canadian Advisory, Council on the Status of Women, 1987).

Free Trade and the Future of Women's Work: Manufacturing and Service Industries, (Toronto: Garamond, 1987), 100 pp.







Scholarly Articles


“Out of the Closet on Site C", BC Studies, No. 161, Spring 2009, pp. 106-108.


“Going too Far? Feminist Public Policy in Canada,” (with Jane Pulkingham) Public Policy for Women: The State, Income Security, and Labour Market Issues, ed. with Jane Pulkingham, (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2009), pp. 3-49. (authored 3/4 of chapter). 

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Popular Writing Since 2001

"Going for Gold on Minimum Wages," with Iglika Ivanova, Vancouver Sun, January 20, 2010.

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Video feature on Pay Equity for The Ledge, public screening at Douglas College, New Westminster, December 2008. 

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"U.S. Energy Initiatives Threaten Price and supply of Electricity in B.C.," Vancouver Sun, January 24, 2001. 


Major Professional Activities

Director, New Grade Energy Inc., 2005-2007.

Director, B.C. Hydro, 1992-1996. 

Director, B.C. Power Exchange, 1993-96.

Commissioner, B.C. Industrial Inquiry Commission on the Fisheries, 1990-91.

B.C. Task Force on Bank Mergers (1998).

Board of Directors, and first Chair, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives - B.C., 1994-present.

Director, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (Ottawa), 1985-2004. 

Board of Directors, and first Chair, Citizens for Public Power, 2002-2008. Advisory Board 2008-present.

Human Rights Complaint against the discriminatory nature of the Canadian Research Chair Program Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, “Marjorie Cohen, et al., and Canadian Human Rights Commission and Industry Canada,” Mediation, May 29, Ottawa. (HR complaint from 2002-2009 with settlement reached).

Director, Rexdale Microskills Centre, 1984-88.

National Action Committee on the Status of Women:
Vice President, 1988-89; 1985-87; 1979-80.
Treasurer, 1977-79.
Employment and Economy Committee Chair, 1985-89.
Spokesperson, Pro-Canada Network, 1987-90.
Co-chair, Coalition Against Free Trade, 1985-89.
Editor, Status of Women News, 1977-1981.  

Editorial Board, Canadian Forum, 1977-1985).

Editorial Board, Labour/Le Travail, 1991-94. 

Editorial Board, Atlantis, 2000-2004.

Advisory Board, Canadian-American Public Policy, 2002-present.


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