Research Projects

Associate Faculty

Elise Chénier:   From Outlaws to Inlaws: Same-Sex Marriage in the 50s, 60s and 70s.  Book in progress.  General areas of research: sexuality, gender and race in 20th century Canada and the United States, including especially queer sexualities and interracial sexual and familial relations

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Small Research Grant, for “Bridging the gap: connecting community and university in online digital archives,”

Dara Culhane:  -"Encore! Travels With The Ghost of Margaret Sheehy". This is a study in memory work, Irish Performance Studies, and feminist auto/biography.
- "AUBHAR".  This is an autoethnographic solo performance.

Peter Dickinson: 

Dance in Vancouver: Talking Contemporary West Coast Movement Aesthetics: This SSHRC-funded project began with the aim of undertaking a partial genealogy of the politics of feeling in live performance via a parallel genealogy of dance-theatre as an expressive form from the 1960s onwards. It has now evolved into a more focused ethnographic study of Vancouver's contemporary dance scene (and my own involvement with that scene). Using my conversations with local dance-artists, as well as their own frequent use of talk and text in their work, as a structuring motif, this study-in-progress is divided into three parts: Talking Dances; Talking Dancers; and Dancing Talk. Among the artists and companies I examine are: Peter Bingham; Dancers of Damelahamid; Justine A. Chambers; Sarah Chase; plastic orchid factory; battery opera; Tara Cheyenne Performance; Ziyian Kwan and dumb instrument Dance; MACHiNENOiSY; Out Innerspace; 605 Collective; Crystal Pite and Kidd Pivot; Vanessa Goodman and Action at a Distance; and Kokoro Dance.

Performing Vancouver: This project continues my place-based investigations of Vancouver’s performance ecology (broadly defined), exploring over three inter-connected sections the local contours of site, the national networks of scale, and the global relays of social difference that help to define the city’s contemporary cultural geography.

Our Present Dance Histories: This collaboration with Vancouver dance artists Justine A. Chambers and Alexa Mardon combines ethnographic interviews with local dance-makers, online documentation and writing, a visual art installation, a planned performance, and a book publication.

Parin Dossa:  - SSHRC: Writing Trauma: Testimonial Narratives of Afghan Women - Homeland to Diaspora
- Book Manuscript in progress (under contract):  Afghanistan Remembers: Narratives of Violence, Gender, Memory Work

Genevieve Fuji Johnson:  SSHRC: Deliberative democratic practices in areas of Canadian public policy, including social housing, energy generation, and nuclear waste management

Christine Kim: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Insight Grant, “North Korean Publics and Global Intimacies,” 2015-2020.
- There is also a book project of the same title in process.


Diana Solomon:  Forthcoming work on Shakespeare in 18th Century England, and on book history; and is working on a manuscript about audience taste in comedy in 18th Century England.
- "Prologues and Epilogues to Restoration Theatre: Gender and Comedy, Performance and Print"
- Coedited a volume on Women and Comedy: History, Theory, Practice

Ann Travers: 
principal investigator: safety nets for transgender and gender variant children and youth in the lower mainland