Standard English Name(s): red alder
Local English Name(s) (if different from above): alder
Scientific Name(s): Alnus rcubra Bong.
Upriver Halkomelem Name(s): xhuythulhp
Downriver Halkomelem Name(s): kwuxhwsi:lhp
Island Halkomelem Name(s): kwulalaulhp

Description, Habitat, Ecology, & Distribution:
Red alder is a deciduous tree that can reach 25 m (82 ft) in height. It has thin, smooth, grey bark that often appears to be splotchy due to the presence of lichen colonies. The wood and inner bark turn red when cut. The fruits are born in small, woody cone-like structures that superficially resemble pine cones. Red alder grows in moist and recently cleared areas at low elevations. It is widely distributed along the coast.

Upriver Halkomelem Cultural Role(s):
The bark was used to dye bitter cherry bark black. The wood was used to smoke fish and for making spoons and dishes.

Downriver Halkomelem Cultural Role(s):
The bark was used as a medicine for the lungs and for "drying up the bowels."

Island Halkomelem Cultural Role(s):
Red alder bark may be boiled to yield a dye or to be used as medicine. The wood may be used for smoking fish.