Well-Being and Learning Environments 

With research partner Dr. David Zandvliet (Faculty of Education), the SFU Health Promotion team has conducted a participatory action research project to explore how learning environments can enhance student well-being, in addition to student satisfaction with learning.

Fourteen faculty members from diverse SFU departments participated in one or more of the following project components:

  • The development and validation of a survey for the purpose of exploring how learning experiences relate to student well-being
  • Gathering qualitative data from students through focus groups and interviews
  • Exploring associations between learning environment factors and well-being factors in the sample data

This project was funded through a research grant from Bringing Theory to Practice, an organization affiliated with the Association of American Colleges and Universities, and a grant from the SFU Teaching and Learning Development Grant program.

For suggestions on how to create conditions for well-being within your own teaching practice, please visit www.sfu.ca/healthycampuscommunity/learningenvironments

For further information related to this research project please contact health_promo@sfu.ca