SFU Dining Hall

January 06, 2015

The SFU Dining Hall is an example of a space that supports student health and well-being.  Located on the West side of Burnaby Campus, the SFU Dining Hall demonstrates a welcoming space that fosters social connection.  It is not just open to students living in residence, but to the entire campus community. It is an innovative space that incorporates features such as colour and flexible furniture options including varied table and lounge seating, access to natural light and views to the outdoors all of which positively impact well-being.  The SFU Dining Hall is also multi-functional, it is equipped with sofas, electrical outlets and a cell phone charging tower so students can  study or just hang-out for longer periods. In addition, a collaborative group computer station is set-up for study, “skyping” or gaming, and meal plan holders can also print for free - wow. Now, students don’t just come here to eat, they frequent the Dining Hall to study, relax and socialize with friends.  For students who live on campus, it’s expanded their home within Residence and for students who live off campus, it can contribute to a sense of community.

In addition to the physical space features, it is the first Dining Hall in Canada that never closes – it is open 24/7 (during Fall and Spring semesters). It offers a wide variety of high quality, nutritious food options such as vegetarian, halal and vegan, and freshly prepared sushi for students in a community environment. This “anytime dining” approach also reduces the undue stress of having to manage a declining meal plan balance allowing students to never run out of funds during a semester. In the popular “My Pantry”, a station where students can cook their own food, culinary and nutrition skills are being built for the future and it provides students the opportunity to include flavours from home – wherever that may be.   Students who must travel to another campus during the day are even given a box lunch so that they don’t have to miss a meal. The friendly staff at the Dining Hall also contribute to a positive, caring culture that support students, many of whom are living away from home for the first time.

SFU Health Promotion would like to thank SFU Dining Services, who led the redesign of the Dining Hall, for intentionally considering student well-being and incorporating a true sense of community into the design of the space.