Positive Classroom Culture

Creating an enjoyable and welcoming classroom culture can enhance positive well-being for students and instructors.  This can be accomplished through humor, inspiration, open-mindedness, connecting with students or deeply engaging them in their learning. 

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Dr. Mike Everton shares how he creates a positive classroom culture at the 2013 Cormack Symposium.

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Acknowledge stress within your class syllabus (see sample)

Share your teaching philosophy with students (see sample)

Take care of your own well-being so that you can be present and encouraging for your students

Use a class check-in activity to connect with students (see sample)

Tell a joke or provide an inspiring quote within your slides to lighten the mood (see sample)

Offer breaks in class where students can take a breather and connect to one another

When possible, ensure a pleasant and inviting space through use of colour, art, music and well maintained facilities

Use active learning techniques to create an engaging and dynamic learning environment

Network Member

Stephen Brown
Stephen creates a positive classroom culture by being approachable and setting a supportive tone in class.