Cultivating Health Promoting Universities Remotely and During a Pandemic Webinar

Explore ways to promote health and wellness on campus amidst the pandemic.

A sudden transition to remote teaching and working can be disruptive, and meeting student and staff needs virtually can bring a new layer of complexity to the learning environment. We know that well-being is a predictor for student learning, and faculty and staff job satisfaction. However, there remains a gap in knowledge on fostering a Health Promoting University and adopting a whole-systems perspective in a remote learning environment during a pandemic.

The purpose of this webinar was to create an opportunity for higher education faculty, instructors, and staff to:

  • Learn more about the healthy universities approach at Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia.
  • Enhance the capacity of participants for adopting a whole-systems approach in a remote/online learning environment
  • Contribute towards creating a culture of health promoting universities in a remote or online learning environment

After watching this recording of the webinar, participants can:

  • Explore how to apply a systems approach to health promotion during a remote or online in your respective higher education
  • Identify promising practices, key barriers, and enablers to a whole-system approach to health promotion in a remote or online learning environment
  • Share lessons learned that foster faculty, staff, and student well-being and resilience when adapting to the current context