The Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) is a platform for student involvement, advocacy and empowerment that contributes to the Healthy Campus Community (HCC) initiative led by the SFU Health Promotion team. SHAC Leaders work closely with the Health Promotion team, providing ongoing student input to HCC related projects. SHAC Leaders are also responsible for organizing and chairing committee meetings, attending regular meetings with the Health Promotion team and engaging SFU student organizations, groups and individuals in an ongoing dialogue related to well-being.  

With students as central stakeholders, students’ voices are key in informing, shaping, and implementing SFU's vision for a Healthy Campus Community. It is a core value of the Health Promotion team to directly involve and empower students throughout the process of building a healthy campus community. 

2015 Healthy Campus Student Consultation

On Thursday, January 22nd the Student Health Advisory Committee, in collaboration with SFU Health Promotion, hosted the 2015 Healthy Campus Community Student Consultation.  Over 45 undergraduate and graduate students were in attendance, contributing their thoughts and ideas around how SFU can support student health and well-being and create a shared vision for a Healthy Campus Community.  

Thank you to UBC Student Senator Mona Malecki who spoke at the event about the power of student voice and involvement in enacting positive change in relation to well-being on University campuses.

Past Projects

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