Naz Vardar

PhD Student, History

Supervisor: Evdoxios Doxiadis



Research interests

  • History of the Late Ottoman Empire, Modern Turkey and Modern Greece
  • Social History
  • Historical Ethnography
  • Memory, Identity and Gender
  • Public History


  • MA, History, Bogazici University
  • BA, History, Bogazici University


I was born and raised in the Aegean coast of Turkey. My childhood curiosity for the memories of my family’s migration from Thessaloniki and Bosnia grew into a more academic pursuit of exploring the past. My research interests lie at the intersection of memory, historical ethnography and social history in the Ottoman Empire, Modern Turkey and Modern Greece in the 19th and 20th centuries. For my PhD project, I trace the history of carnival celebrations and explore how carnivalesque celebrations and performances can provide a perspective into identity construction, migration and historical memory. Additionally, I enjoy listening to the sound recordings of POWs from the First World War and exploring their uses as historical documents into the experience of war and prisonment.


Conference presentations

  • ‘Greek-Orthodox Carnival Celebrations in Istanbul: Festive Space and Public Discourse in the Early Republican Period’ Shifting Tides in History Conference, University of Victoria, British Columbia (2021)
  • ‘Listening to the Sound of the Agents of History: The Uses of the Sound Archives of Humboldt University, Berlin’ Fighting Under the Same Banner: Memories from the Ottoman Theatre of the Great War. Orient-Institute Istanbul and Bogazici University, Istanbul (2019)

Select awards

  • 2021, SNF Centre for Hellenic Studies Graduate Research Assistant Scholarship
  • 2020, Graduate Dean Entrance Scholarship
  • 2020, Bert Henry Graduate Scholarship