Graduate studies

The SNF Centre for Hellenic Studies supports advanced study opportunities at the MA and PhD level through partnerships with the Departments of Humanities, History and Archaeology.

Research topics

SFU faculty members of the SNF Centre for Hellenic Studies are available to supervise research topics on Hellenic themes from antiquity, through the Byzantine and Ottoman periods, to modern-day Greece. Students apply and are registered through the departments of Humanities, History and Archaeology. Thanks to our many generous donors, graduate students working with our faculty receive comprehensive funding and institutional support packages that give them the tools they need to succeed both inside and outside the academy.

Explore your options

Contact one of our members, below, about your proposed research topic. 

Evdoxis Doxiadis

  • Topics: Modern Greece; Social history; Gender; Minorities; Mediterranean history; and Balkan history
  • Current students: Panagiotis Delis (PhD History)

Sabrina Higgins

  • Late Antique Egypt; Marian Studies; Early Christian architecture; Religious transformation; Sacred landscapes; Greco-Roman religions; and Byzantine art and monastic archaeology
  • Current students: Aurora Camaño (PhD archaeology), Neal Payne (MA archaeology) and Goran Sanev (PhD archaeology)

James Horncastle

  • Refugee and Migration Studies; Modern History of Greece; International Relations; Yugoslav Studies; Identity Formation

Dimitris Krallis

  • Topics: Byzantine Studies; Social, political, economic and intellectual history; and Modern reception of Byzantium
  • Current students: Jovana Andjelkovic (PhD History), Mete Oguz (PhD History), Tiffany VanWinkoop (MA, History)

David Mirhady

  • Topics: Tragedy, Mythology, and Rhetoric

For information about program requirements and admissions, please visit the Graduate and Postodoctoral Studies website, or contact the admitting department (HumanitiesHistory or Archaeology) directly.

Past students

  • Aleksandar Jovanović, PhD, History (2019): "Michael VIII Palaiologos and the Nikaian Generation: Roman Political Culture in the Years of Exile." Supervised by Dimitris Krallis.
  • Jeffrey Greenall, MA, History (2019): "Acting Virtuously: Ceremonial Displays of Imperial Virtue in Byzantium." Supervised by Dimitris Krallis.


  • James Horncastle, PhD, History (2017): "The Pawn that would be King: Slavophone Macedonians in the Dekemvriana and Greek Civil War, 1944-1949." Supervised by André Gerolymatos.
  • Milad Doroudian, MA, History (2017): "Neither Hero, Nor Villain: Rudolf Kastner and the Cluj Narratives." Supervised by André Gerolymatos.
  • Dimitri Soudas, MA, Special Arrangements (2015): "Media and Government: The Role of the Director of Communications, 2015. Supervised by André Gerolymatos.
  • Christopher Dickert, MA, HIstory (2014): "Byzantium, Political Agency, and the City: A Case Study in Urban Autonomy During the Norman Conquest of Southern Italy." Supervised by Dimitris Krallis.
  • Sarah Inglis, MA, History (2014): "Danza de la Muerte: Greek Arms Dealing in the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939." Supervised by André Gerolymatos.
  • Julian Allan Brooks, PhD, History (2013): "Managing Macedonia:  British Statecraft, Intervention, and ‘proto-peacekeeping’ in Ottoman Macedonia.  Supervised by André Gerolymatos.
  • Carina Marie Nilsson, MA, History (2011): "The empress in late antiquity and the Roman origins of the imperial feminine." Supervised by Dimitris Krallis.
  • Alexander Olson, MA, History (2011): "'Part of our commonwealth' : a study of the Normans in eleventh-century Byzantine historiography." Supervised by Dimitris Krallis.
  • Alexander Petrovich, MA, History (2011): "The Role of Banditry in the Creation of National States in the Central Balkans During the 19th Century, A Case Study: Serbia. Supervised by André Gerolymatos.