Teaching Assitantships, Tutor Markerships, and Research Assistantships

Teaching Assistantships and Tutor Markerships

Most of our graduate students receive teaching assistantships (TAships) and tutor markerships (TMs). SFU History's tutorial system gives TAs the opportunity to teach in their own classrooms by leading tutorials of up to 17 students. They can design their own teaching plans under the supervision of the course instructor, they get to know their students, and they gain experience in facilitating discussion and grading. A variety of workshops on TAing are put on by the Department in the fall semester and the University provides training through the Centre for Teaching and Learning.  Our students report that being a TA or TM at SFU is among their most valuable experiences. Teaching assistants and tutor markers are represented by the Teaching Support Staff Union (TSSU). The current value of a TAship is approximately $6165 for MA students and approximately $7270 for PhD students. Please see the TSSU Collective Agreement for more information, including full details on how to calcultae rates of pay: TSSU website.

Research Assistantships

Research Assistantships may also be available to graduate students through faculty research grants and are often available in the summer semester.

Graduate Fellowships

The History Department usually awards graduate fellowships (GFs) to qualified students, worth $6,500 or $3,250 for a partial GF. See the Dean of Graduate Studies website for more information on GFs.

Internal Scholarships and Awards

*Please note: award amounts may vary. Please verify at https://gradawards.sfu.ca/  

There are a number of internal awards and scholarships available for History graduate students, including:

William and Jane Saywell Graduate Scholarship in History

One scholarship valued at approximately $1,000 is awarded to a graduate student studying any field of History.

Cook Conference Scholarship

A scholarship of approximately $2,200 is awarded to a graduate student studying any field of History. Preference will be given to M.A. students who will have completed five or fewer semesters or Ph.D. students who have completed ten or fewer semesters of their program during the semester of tenure of the award. The recipient of this award must be a full-time registered student during the tenure of the award.

Leon J. Ladner Graduate Scholarship

Valued at approximately $700, this scholarship is awarded to a student doing post-graduate work in the field of British Columbian history.

Douglas Cole Memorial Graduate Entrance Scholarship in Cultural History

A $1,200 scholarship is awarded to a student entering the History graduate program whose focus is on cultural history. The amount awarded varies each year.

William. F. and Ruth Baldwin Graduate Scholarship

One scholarship in British History valued at approximately $12,000 is awarded preferentially to an incoming student. Tenure of this scholarship is for two semesters. The recipient of this award must be a full-time registered student during the tenure of the award.

Alan David Aberbach Scholarship in United States History

This scholarship, awarded to a student of U.S. History and tenable in the fall, has a minimum value of $5,400. Multiple scholarships may be awarded when endowment income permits. This award is by nomination of the Graduate Chair in History.


In addition to these departmental awards, History students may apply for a range of awards adjudicated by the Dean of Graduate Studies (DGS). For terms of reference and deadlines, go to Scholarships & Awards on the DGS website.

External Awards and Fellowships

Students should also apply for external awards and fellowships, the most lucrative of which are those offered by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). The History department holds workshops to help students with SSHRC applications, and our students have an excellent record of success in securing these awards.

For further information about funding, please refer to the Graduate Student Handbook.