Brody Herman


M.A. Candidate - Teacher's Program

B.A.: History, Simon Fraser University, 2016

B.Ed., University of British Columbia, 2017

Supervisor: Joseph Taylor

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Research Interests

North American History, History of Policing, Police Violence, Vigilante Violence

Research Description

My research focuses on the transnational approaches that police organizations took to dealing with dissent during the 1970s. Using the Gastown Riot as a case study, my research examines the similarities between the Vancouver Police Departments violent response to protest and American police violence of the era. An analysis of the training, finances, and attitudes of the police departments provide insight into the similar approaches various organizations took during the period.

A transnational approach to the study of violence helps to reveal trends that move beyond the communities in which the violence occurred. Broad narratives regarding policing, violence, protest, and law and order transcend borders, demonstrating attitudes that are North American in nature.


I grew up in the Lower Mainland, completing my undergraduate degree at Simon Fraser University and my education degree at the University of British Columbia. I have taught in the public education system since 2017, primarily teaching secondary Social Studies courses, as well as in alternate education programs.