Jeffrey Greenall

MA Candidate

BA (History) Thompson Rivers University, 2016

Supervisor: Dimitris Krallis

Research Description

I will be looking at the 10th century Byzantine text known as The Book of Ceremonies. De Cerimoniis as it is often referred to as, is an imperial handbook detailing the procedures regarding numerous imperial processions, feasts, and other ceremonies dating from compiled on the order of the emperor Konstantinos VII Porphyrogennetos (r.~ 913-959). Specifically, I want to look at the various spaces that the Emperor is expected to navigate as shown in this text; as he passes from the (comparatively) private imperial residences to the imperial court, and into the streets with the populace of Constantinople.


SFU Graduate Fellowship: Summer 2017

Teaching Assistantships

History 106 – the Making of Modern Europe (Fall 2016)

History 215 – The Making of the British Isles (Spring 2017)

History 277 - History of Greek Civilization - Online (Fall 2017)