Panagiotis Delis

PhD Candidate

MA, Comparative History, Central European University (Hungary), 2016
MSc, History of International Relations, London School of Econmics and Political Science, 2014
BA, History, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, 2013
BA, Finance and Auditing, Technological Educational Institure of Kalamata (ATEI), 2008

Supervisor: Evdoxios Doxiadis

Research Description

Although significant scholarly work has been devoted to the study of the Balkan Wars of 1912-13, some crucial aspects remain under-researched. One of them concerns how the soldiers and officers experienced these short but very bloody conflicts and another is the absence of a comparative approach of treatment of POWs and civilians by the armies of Greece and Bulgaria. The overall ambition of this thesis is to cover this existing gap in the literature of the Balkan Wars. The analysis of this project will be twofold. The first will deal with the treatment of POWs. The aim of this section is to conduct a comprehensive examination of different patterns of violence by posing questions such as: how the Greek and the Bulgarian army treated its POWs; do we have differentiations between officers and ordinary soldiers; is there a specific treatment with a racial dimension that was planned from the beginning or was it ad hoc. The second section will address the issue of non combatants. I intend to assess the behavior of Greek and Bulgarian soldiers towards civilians; how they justified their actions; the role of these armies as an ethnic cleansing tool. Moreover, I will try to interpret the attitude of the soldiers and officers, their perceptions of each other when Bulgaria and Greece were still allies and how this shifted in the Second Balkan war. This type of approach can provide further insight with respect to the extensive violence associated with the First and the Second Balkan Wars and was it an extension of the battlefield dynamic.

Working Dissertation Title

"The Balkan Wars of 1912-13: Aspects of Violence (Civilians, Combatants, POWs)" The Participation of the Greek and Bulgarian Army.


"The British Intervention in Greece: The Battle of Athens, December 1944." Journal of Modern Greek Studies, vol. 35 no. 1, 2017, pp. 211-237.

"Violence and Civilians during the Balkan Wars (1912-13)", in Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies (Forthcoming).

"POWs captured by the Greek Army during the Balkan Wars," in Journal of Military History (accepted).


2015/2016: Partial Fellowship for MA Studies, Central European University.

2016/2017: Stavros Niarchos Foundation Doctoral Fellowship, Simon Fraser


2016/17: Katevatis Graduate Scholarship Hellenic Studies.

2017/2018: Ministry of Education of the Republic of Bulgaria, Summer Seminar of

Bulgarian Language and Culture, Faculty of Slavic Studies: Sofia University.

2017/2018:Stanley Morisse Memorial Scholarship.

2017/2018: William and Jane Saywell Graduate Scholarship in History.

Teaching Assistantships

Fall 2016, Teaching assistant: The Making of Modern Europe, Simon Fraser University. Assistant Professor, Aaron Windel.

Spring 2017, Teaching assistant: 20th Century Europe, Simon Fraser University. Associate Professor, Ilya Vinkovetsky.

Fall 2017, Teaching assistant: Europe from the French Revolution to the First World War, Simon Fraser University. Associate Professor, Paul Garfinkel.