Stevan Bozanich

(he / him / his)

PhD Candidate

MA, University of Victoria, 2017
BA, University of British Columbia, 2013

Supervisor: Thomas Kuehn, John Paul Newman

Personal Website:
Follow me on Twitter: @stevanbozanich

Research Interests

Eastern Europe; Yugoslavia; Paramilitaries; Genocide; Political Violence; Nationalism; Far-Right

Research Description

My dissertation seeks to understand the ways in which paramilitaries arrive at decisions to perpetrate genocide against civilians and to collaborate and/or resist occupational authorities. I use the Serbian nationalist Chetnik organization which operated in Yugoslavia, 1941-1945 as a case study. Using the lens of regionalism, I look at the Chetniks from three geographic areas: Dalmatia-Hercegovina, Montenegro, and Serbia-Bosnia. The dissertation shows that regional affiliations and necessities led to these three groups arriving at decisions for perpetrating genocide and collaborating and/or resisting the Nazis and Italians at different times and for different reasons. These findings show that paramilitary units should not be viewed as monolithic entities, nor as having singular ideologies. Rather, paramilitaries operate with their own assumptions and develop their worldviews based on locally influenced and nuanced understandings.

Working Dissertation Title

Towards Collaboration and Genocide: Serbian Chetnik Ideology, 1903-1946


I enjoy travelling the world with my wife and our two daughters. We own a home in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where we are hiding out from the pandemic, but remain a BC’er at heart. 


  • Forthcoming, 2021. “Invented Warriors: The Legacy of the Invented Serbian Hajduk Tradition,” in Balkan Legacies, edited by John Paul Newman and Balazs Apor, Purdue University Press.
  • 2020. “Tito’s Chetnik Hunters: The Birth and Regeneration of Yugoslavia’s Secret Police,” Violent Resistance: From the Baltics to Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe, 1944-1956, edited by Michael Gehler and David Schriffl, Verlag Ferdinand Schöningh.
  • 2019. “Post-war Turmoil and Violence (Yugoslavia)” in 1914-1918 Online: International Encyclopedia of the First World War,

Conference Papers (Select)

  • 2021: Canadian Association of Slavists at the International Council for Central and East European Studies, Montreal, QC: “From the Diaspora with Love: The Yugoslav Diaspora Supports the Homeland, 1941-1943”
  • 2020: Memory and Trauma Through History and Culture, Simon Fraser University: “Mobilised Memories of Displacement and Violence”
  • 2020: Conference on Right-Wing Studies/Conference for Research on Male Supremacism, University of California-Berkeley: “Outsourcing Violence: The Serbian War-making Tradition and Paramilitaries”
  • 2019: Congress of the Humanities, UBC, Vancouver, BC: “’Serbian gusles know not how to lie’: The Nationalist Mobilisation of Folklore”
  • 2019: Western Social Science Association, San Diego, California: “The Balkan Revolutionary Tradition: Inventing Traditions, Inventing Serbian Warrior”


  • Edward & Emily McWhinney Hellenic Scholarship
  • Nick Kravariotis Memorial Scholarship
  • Hellenic Canadian Congress of BC Graduate Scholarship
  • President’s Scholarship
  • Graduate International Travel Award

Courses Taught

  • Rebellion and Revolution: Topics in the Theory and Practice of Resistance

Teaching Assistantships

  • The Second World War: The World at War
  • The Making of the British Isles (TA)
  • History of Greek Civilization
  • Canada Since Confederation

Research Assistantships

  • Dr. James Horncastle, Autumn 2019, Archives of Yugoslavia, project on Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization (IMRO)