Madeline Knickerbocker: 'We Want Our Land': A 1976 Stó:lo Land Claims Negotiations Comic

March 11, 2014

PhD Candidate Madeline Knickerbocker's essay "'We Want Our Land': A 1976 Stó:lo Land Claims Negotiations Comic" was published in Findings/Trouvailles, a publication of The Champlain Society. Read an excerpt below, and visit the Champlain Society website to read the article in its entirety.

  • The 1970s were a period of intense political activism for many Indigenous communities, including the Stó:lō, whose territories encompass much of what is now known as the Fraser Valley in British Columbia.(1) For Stó:lō activists, one particular event was especially important: their 1976 occupation of buildings at Coqualeetza, a contested site being used by the Canadian Armed Forces. In the process of conducting my dissertation research, I found a one-page comic which is particularly significant for what it reveals about the complex political realities of land claims negotiations, and the attitudes of many Stó:lō towards the apparently inefficient process.

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