March 19, 2014

Video: The Yin-Yang of Malcolm X and MLK


SFU Historian Karen Ferguson discussed the paradoxical interconnectedness of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr. before a sold out audience at the Harbour Centre. The talk was part of the SFU Department of History's lecture series, Heroes and Villains: Rethinking Good and Evil in History.


Our historical memory of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X most often sets them in opposition --racial integrationism vs. separatism, pacifism vs. violence, "good" vs. "bad" black leader (or vice versa).  But what happens if we move beyond this dualism and examine these African American icons together? What if we consider how and why their respective struggles for black liberation and historical legacies were and are interconnected and interdependent? In honour of Black History Month, this talk will do just that, and promises both to complicate your idea of both men and deepen your understanding of the African American freedom struggle.


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