Welcome to the IT Job Evaluation Project

Scope of IT Job Evaluation Project

  • Includes APSA & excluded jobs only, CUPE jobs (which have a different job evaluation methodology) are NOT included.
  • Job evaluation looks at the value of work – it does not address salary structures or individual performance in the job.
  • Existing job descriptions are being evaluated.
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For information on what constitutes a significant changes to a job description and the re-evaluation process, click here.


Key Milestones

1.      Validation of job descriptions:

  • In partnership with the Compensation Team, leaders will validate roles on their teams that have Job Description and those that don't.
  • For roles without job descriptions, the Compensation Team will work with leaders to create one and align it to a common job description (definition below in FAQ's).  

2.      Evaluation of existing job descriptions and common job descriptions:

  • The Compensation Team will evaluate them using the new Hay Method.

3.      Implementing results:

  • Once approved and deemed final by Senior Leadership, the Compensation Team & HR Business Partner will meet with leaders to discuss final results and next steps.
  • Leaders will share results with employees and confirmation will come in form of individual letters to employees.
  • Systems will be updated (HR, Payroll and Finance).


Frequently Asked Questions

What does this mean for me?

Depending on the evaluation of the role using the Hay method, some roles may be graded differently as a result.

Individuals will NOT be impacted negatively by grading changes and adjustments are a way of moving forward under the new methodology.

Any salary adjustments, if applicable, will be retroactive.  HR will be working in partnership with Payroll to process these results.

How long is the project going to take?

We are working as efficiently as possible. Time is needed to educate leaders, implement calibration of feedback and to administer the process changes for every position within APSA and Excluded groups. We will update the project timelines as we work through the key milestones.

What is a Common Job Description?

  • Capture the significant duties performed and are used to encompass more than one position.
  • Unlike a position description, they do not capture every duty that a person might perform.
  • Manager/supervisors will have the opportunity to add unique duties and responsibilities to common job descriptions.

Who do I go to for project related questions?

The Compensation Team will be able to answer any questions you have.

Given the scale and importance of this project we have formed a Project Ambassador Group. They will be ambassadors that provide communication to teams including project and status updates, and they will work closely with both IT staff and the Compensation team/HR team to facilitate various aspect of project support.

IT JE Project Project Ambassadors:

  • Gloria Simpson, Solutions Architect, FITS,
  • Richard Blackwell, Manager, IT, Psychology
  • Loretta Hanch, Associate Director, Enterprise Systems, IT Services
  • Mike Stanger, Associate Director, Learning and Community Systems, IT Services
  • Michael Gregory, Network Architect, Infrastructure Services
  • Idrissa Brathwaite, Service Desk Team Lead, Client Services  
  • Calvin Mah, IT Supervisor, Library

More information about Compensation here