Leaders That Inspire

Dugan O'Neil
Dugan O’Neil is SFU’s Associate Vice-President, Research.  He’s been at SFU for 16 years, and is a particle physicist by background.  We sat down with Dugan to ask about being a leader, and this is what he shared. Read more..

Tracey Mason-Innes
Tracey has been SFU’s Director, Residence and Housing for the past four years.  Not only has she brought leadership experience from a variety of previous positions, she pursued a Master’s Degree in Leadership where she did extensive learning and reflecting about being a leader, and went on to complete her Doctor of Education (EdD) in higher education leadership. Read more..

Tara Smith
Tara Smith has been a leader at SFU for the past seven years.  She is currently the Manager, Academic and Administrative Services in the Psychology and Cognitive Science Program.  We sat down with Tara to talk about her leadership journey, and this is what she shared. Read more..

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Our Learning & Development Team is working to create leadership development opportunities as part of the Learning & Development Framework.  The goal is to inspire, develop and support outstanding leadership at SFU.  

Current leadership learning opportunities are available here