Student Temporary Pool

SFU's Student Temporary Pool provides employment opportunities for qualified SFU students registered in credit courses in the semester of employment. SFU students are given priority in hiring for temporary part-time clerical, secretarial and technical positions in the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), Local 3338 employee group throughout the University. Part-time means less than 35 hours per week, but students in the pool are typically available for a minimum of three, 3 hour shifts per week. All assignments from the student temporary pool have a duration of 3 months or less.

Note: Temporary positions which are over 3 months in duration are posted for a minimum of five working days at Job Postings and are filled through competition. Each posting contains information on how to apply for the positions. Registered, qualified students also receive priority in hiring for posted temporary part-time positions.

Students working through the Student Temporary Pool play a significant role in fulfilling the temporary staffing needs at the University's three campuses - Burnaby, Vancouver, and Surrey. These needs arise due to peak periods of demand, work overload, vacation, sickness, staff vacancy, or special projects. Some of the work assignments can be planned well in advance of the work start date, but many of the assignments are a response to an urgent need and require students to be available on short notice.

Students can be part of the Student Temporary Pool and simultaneously apply for posted positions. Students accrue seniority while working in CUPE bargaining unit assignments and can compete as internal candidates for posted vacancies.

Types of Student Temporary Work and Qualifications

Assignments can vary widely in responsibilities and salary levels. Below is a sample of the types of temporary positions.

  • Cashiering
  • Customer service
  • Data entry
  • Reception
  • Desktop publishing
  • Web design
  • Technical
  • Library clerical
  • General clerical, e.g.:  mail-outs, filing, etc.

Student Temporary Pool Qualifications

The Student Temporary Pool accepts resumes from students with a variety of skills and experiences. We are committed to matching applicants' job skills and experience to departmental needs to ensure the success of all departments and temporary employees. Although the qualifications required for specific job assignments will vary, some of the more common qualifications required include:

  • Excellent customer service skill
  • Ability to operate an electronic cash register
  • Software skills (e.g.:  Word, Excel, Filemaker, Powerpoint, Electronic Mail, Access, Firefox/ Explorer) at a basic or intermediate level
  • Knowledge of PC and/or MacIntosh platforms
  • 35 wpm keyboard skills with a high degree of accuracy
  • Good oral communication skill
  • General knowledge of office procedures and practices
  • Good organizational skill
  • Demonstrated ability to follow oral and written instructions
  • Demonstrated ability to adapt to changing office environments and assignment levels
  • Demonstrated ability to handle a high volume of work within deadlines

Student Temporary Pool Employee Information

As a Student Temporary Pool employee, you will be providing temporary support to various departments at Simon Fraser University. The job duties, wage rate, length of assignment, department location, and required qualifications will be discussed with you prior to starting an assignment.

Pay and Benefits for Student Temporary Pool Employees

The rate of pay for student temporary assignments varies depending on the duties and responsibilities of the positions. Temporary assignments fall within the CUPE bargaining unit and are covered by the negotiated salary schedule. Student Temporary Pool employees also receive an additional 9% of their straight time hourly rate of pay in lieu of all benefits for all regular hours worked in a temporary position.

Student Temporary Pool employees are paid every second Friday by direct deposit. Each deposit includes payment for all time worked in the two week period up to and including the Saturday preceding the pay day. At the time of hire, you will be required to provide direct deposit information in order to be placed on payroll.


You must call your departmental supervisor prior to the start of your shift if you will be late or absent from work for any reason.

Accrual and Maintenance of Seniority

For Student Temporary Pool employees, seniority is credited from the first day of employment and for all subsequent periods of employment provided the break between periods of employment does not exceed twelve (12) months.

Student Temporary Pool employees lose their seniority when:

  • A period of more than twelve (12) months occurs between periods of temporary employment.
  • They resign during an assignment except where the resignation is due to medical reasons which are supported by a medical certificate satisfactory to the University.

Performance Evaluation

As a Student Temporary Pool employee, you will be evaluated by your departmental supervisor. Written performance evaluations are usually completed for assignments of one week or more in duration. The departmental supervisor will normally review your evaluation with you and will ask you to add your comments and signature on the evaluation. Written performance evaluations are placed in your employee file.