2017–18 Lecture Series: "The Politics of Identity"

March 20, 2018

"Weaponizing Words: The Dilemmas of Free Speech"
Samir Gandesha, Morgane Oger, & Josh Paterson

"Basic Income: Progressive Hopes and Neoliberal Realities"
John Clarke, Jenna van Draanen, Michal Rozworski, Trish Garner, & Duane Fontaine

"Fanonian Antinomies"
Glen Coulthard, Associate Professor, UBC

Spectre of Fascism: "Closing Roundtable" (Part I)
Sanem Guvenc-Salgirli, Hilda Fernandez, & Am Johal

Spectre of Fascism: "Closing Roundtable" (Part II)
Ajay Bhardwaj & Harjap Grewal 

"Under Colonial Occupation"
Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun, Artist

"Redressing Settler Cultural Policy
in the Era of Reconciliation"

Irwin Oostindie, SFU School of Communication