2018–19 Programming

June 22, 2020

"Dr. Ambedkar's Legacy: Our Campaign to Outlaw Caste Discrimination in Great Britain"
Santosh Dass, human-rights and equality campaigner

Panel on "Ethical Consumption"
Dylan Jones, Lisa Papania, Matt Livingston, & Brianne Miller

"Forging Democratic Futures: Ambedkar on Complex Marginalities and Inclusion"
Valerian Rodrigues, Visiting Professor, Depart of Humanities at SFU

"In Conversation with Ian Angus"
Ian Angus, Samir Gandesha, & Peyman Vahabzadeh

Book Launch for "Conversations with Ambedkar:
10 Ambedkar Memorial Lectures"

Valerian Rodrigues & Samir Gandesha

"Noise in the City"
Hugh Davies, Karl Raab, Hans Schmid, & Barry Truax

"Culture and Resistance"
David Barsamian, Broadcaster and Author

"Culture and Resistance"
Hanna Kawas, Palestinian Broadcaster on Co-op Radio

"Culture and Resistance"
Adel Iskandar, Assistant Professor, SFU

"Culture and Resistance"
Sana Janjua, Psychiatric Nurse and Poet

"The Agonistic Engagement Between Ambedkar and Gandhi"
Valerian Rodrigues, Ambedkar Chair, Ambedkar University Delhi

"Freedom of Speech in the Arts: Voices from the Left"
Samir Gandesha, Sky Gilbert, Morgane Oger,
Omari Newton, & Micheal Vonn