2021–22 Programming

July 11, 2022

"A Matter of Love and Death: Marcuse and Adorno on Narcissism"
Kathy Kiloh, with responses by Roberto Longoni & Rogelio Regalado

"Walter Benjamin’s Toward the Critique of Violence"
A Roundtable Discussion
Moderated by Alberto Toscano

"The 2019 Chilean Revolt and the Spectre of Fascism/Communism"
Part of Workshop Series on "Crisis of Neoliberal Capitalism and Resistance in Latin America"
Roberto Longoni and Rogelio Regalado

"Jerry Zaslove: A Memorial Event"
Moderated by Eleanor Stebner

Panel Discussion: "Fairy Creek and the Climate Emergency"
Rainbow Eyes, Jerome Turner, Aaron Neil Bourne, & Elder Bill Jones