Huyen Pham  |
Program Assistant, Institute for the Humanities
Co-managing Editor, Contours Journal

Huyen Pham is a SFU Alumna, having competed both her BA and MA in the Department of Humanities. Her research interests are Classical, Renaissance, and modern European thought and culture. Her MA thesis on Friedrich Nietzsche and Jean-Paul Sartre, titled "Breaking the Gaze: Ressentiment, Bad Faith, and the Struggle for Individual Freedom," was successfully defended in January 2014 under the supervision of the Institute’s own Samir Gandesha and Ian Angus. Prior to joining the Institute in September 2014, Huyen was an Administrator and Medical Office Assistant for several years. She also taught Classical mythology as a Teaching-Assistant and Tutor-Marker for many years. 

Meghan Grant |
Research Assistant

Meghan Grant obtained her Bachelor’s of Arts and Certificate in Religious Studies at SFU. She is currently in the Master’s program in the Department of Humanities. Her graduate work focuses on food and religion, and how food practices like vegetarianism, veganism, and the raw movement are by nature, religious. Much of her research focuses on the work of Dr. Charles Taylor, whose "A Secular Age" has been instrumental to her graduate career. Her other research interests include both Occidental and Eastern religions, New Age religion and the Occult, secularity, food ecology, green religion and the environment, the culture and history of food, the treatment of animals, and the systemic use of language concerning agri-commercial activities.