Our Common Struggle, Making the Links––Teach in on International Instruments of Corporate Power: TPP, CETA, FIPAs & NAFTA

April 16, 2016

Saturday, April 16, 10:00AM–3:30PM, Room 320, SFU Centre for Dialogue, 520 W. Hastings St.

Co-organized and co-sponsored by the Council of Canadians

RSVP/Registration: http://bit.ly/1MnsN7z

Accessibility information: to be posted soon. If you require food, child minding, transit or accessibility support please email hgrewal@canadians.org

Governments around the world are working hard to secure and expand the rights and powers of multinational corporations. Their most significant efforts involve the negotiation and ratification of international trade, investment and property rights agreements. Canada is currently engaged with the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) with the European Union, the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) involving 12 pacific rim states and counting, 29 existing Foreign Investment Promotion & Protection Agreements (FIPAs) with 7 being negotiated and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

The negative effects of these agreements are far reaching and opposition to their imposition has historically been seen as a collective responsibility of various social movements. This one day teach in aims to highlight the various ways in which the expansion of corporate rights impacts communities: corporate bailouts at the expense of social services, promoting the plunder of indigenous lands, undermining action on climate change, exploitation of workers, deterioration of people’s health, threatening food security, displacement of communities, privatization of public resources, limiting internet freedoms and much more.



[10:00AM] Making the Links Roundtable

Panel presentation addressing the ways in which different communities and social struggles are impacted by the policies imposed by the international agreements that promote the power of corporations. 

Anjali Appadurai on the climate impacts and preventing climate action. Anjali has worked with global south movements on international governance including with the Third World Network and Jubilee South Asian People’s Movement.

Caelie Frampton on how people’s health and public healthcare is made vulnerable. Caelie is a former trade campaigner & is passionate about health care and fighting bad public policy.

Formerly Homeless Dave on undermining security as social services for low income people. Dave is is an anti-gentrification and anti-displacement activist in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver.

Emma Lui on the threats to watersheds, water services and the human right to water. Emma is the National Water Campaigner with the Council of Canadians.

Brenda Sayers on the impacts on indigenous lands and communities. Brenda is from the Hupacasath First Nation that a court challenge against Canada’s ratification of the 31-year investor-state treaty with China.

Blair Redlin on the global exploitation of workers and weakening of workers organizing. Blair Redlin is a policy researcher / co-chair of the Trade Justice Network, retired former research staff of the Canadian Union of Public Employees and was formerly a senior administrator in the B.C. public service.


[1:00PM] The TPP, Food Sovereignty and Our Health

Presentation by Dr. Shiv Chopra on the threat posed by the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement to public health and food safety. The agreement would allow for the introduction of recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH), an artificial growth hormone developed by Monsanto to increase milk output from dairy cows. Dr. Chopra is a renowned scientist, former employee of of Health Canada and a human rights activist. In the late 1990s he with his co-workers testified in front of a Senate standing committee about how they were being pressured to approve drugs that presented safety concerns by senior supervisors, including rBGH. 

[2:00PM] Caucus Sessions

An opportunity for people active or interested in particular areas of concern to further educate one another and explore possible next steps to continue mobilizing against the impacts of international corporate rights agreements. Caucus Sessions will be facilitated spaces of dialogue and planning. An updated list of caucuses will be posted here as they are confirmed. If you would like to participate or propose and issue specific caucus please contact: hgrewal@canadians.org