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READINGS IN MEDIEVAL CIVILIZATIONS AND CULTURES, the 19 volume series edited by Dr. Paul Dutton is published through Toronto University Press

Recent Publications

Read Dr. Shuyu Kong's article on Chinese Australian artist Shen Jiawei and his history paintings in Yishu: Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art, Vol. 18 no. 5 (Sept/Oct. 2019)!
Check out Dr. Samir Gandesha's co-edited collection "Adorno and Popular Music: A Constellation of Perspectives (Aesthetics)"!
Look for HUM MA student Caedyn Lennox's "The Case of Musical Affect in Nietzsche" in a forthcoming issue of the The Agonist 
Dr. Valerian Rodrigues' edited collection of lectures on B.R. Ambedkar engages with some of our most pressing global concerns: Justice, political agency, displacement and migration, and the shape of social movements in late capitalism. Find the 2019 Conversations with Ambedkar: 10 Ambedkar Lectures at Tulika Books.
Dr. Paul Dutton's inquiry into the nature of early medieval identification practices, "The Identification of Persons in Frankish Europe" was published this April in Early Medieval Europe 26.2
Dr. Gandesha discusses the troubling conjunction of increasing socioeconomic inequality and the rise of authoritarian populism in "Identifying with the Aggressor: From the 'Authoriatian' to the 'Neo-Liberal' Personality" in Constellations: An International Journal of Critical and Democratic Theory 
Professor Emeritus, Ian Angus' “Crisis, Biology, Ecology: A New Starting-Point for Phenomenology?” is available in the 4th issue of the Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology's 49th volume 
Dr. Gandesha recently wrote an Op-Ed in the Vancouver Sun on the racial dynamics of sport, specifically the World Cup: 

“Black players endured brutal fouls from other players on the pitch, as well as verbal and other forms of abuse from the fans in the stands, and made names for themselves playing for the national team and, perhaps more importantly, opening doors for generations of players that followed in their footsteps. What if these players, in keeping with “victim culture,” had said to themselves: “I don’t see anyone out on the pitch like me, it’s not a ‘safe space,’ so I won’t play?” If these rebels hadn’t somehow found the courage to strike out in bold, new and, frankly, dangerous directions, the football world and, more importantly, anti-racist struggles around the globe would be all the poorer for it.”

Read both Dr. Paul Crowe's "Heeding the Phoenix Pen: Trans-Pacific Scriptures from Lü Dongbin", and Dr. Shuyu Kong's "Mandarin Profile: Chinese-Language Television and Geo-Ethnic Storytelling" in the 2017 collection Trans-Specific Mobilities: The Chinese and Canada, published by UBC Press
In a microhistorical exercise, Paul Dutton demonstrates the advantages of  what he calls "particle history" in his investigation of  a single stand-alone sentence, a colophon found in an early ninth-century manuscript. From it he is able to follow the movements and motivations of the Regensburg monk Ellenhart as he accompanies a military campaign into Hungary in "The Desert War of a Carolingian Monk". The article is accessible in The Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies' 2017 Special Issue: Microhistory and the Historical Imagination
Professor Emeritus, Dr. Ian Angus' lecture on Nihilism and Hope and Professor Emeritus, Dr. Jerry Zaslove's lecture on Stavrogin's Suicide given at the June 2017 Modern Horizon's Nihilism... Utopianism Conference can now be found on the Modern Horizons website 
Read Dr. Samir Gandesha in Open Democracy: Understanding Right and Left Populisms
Professor Emeritus, Dr. Ian Angus discusses Herbert Marcuse, "the mathamatization of nature," and Edmund Husserl's Crisis of the European Sciences and Transcendental Phenomonology in "Galilean Science and the Technological Lifeworld: The Role of Husserl's Crisis in Herbert Marcuse's Thesis of One-Dimensionality" in the June 2017 edition of the Journal of the Canadian Society for Continental Philosophy 
Dr. Samir Gandesha's inquiry into the relation between artistic autonomy and the expression of "authenticity" in Theodor Adorno's reading of Samuel Beckett, "In Sympathy with the Ephemeral Life: Adorno's Reading of Beckett's Endgame" is available in Discipline Filosofiche's 2nd 2016 issue
Read Dr. Alessandra Capperdoni's "1989: The Heydey of Feminist Translational Poetics in Canada: Tessera's Spring Issue on La traduction au féminin comme réécriture" in the 2015 Translation Effects: The Shaping of Modern Canadian Culture, a collection edited by Professor Emerita, Dr Kathy Mezei 

texts and translations

In collaboration with Ilias Arnaoutoglou, Dr. David Mirhady created NoMoi, a bibliographical website on ancient Greek law
Viviana Elsztein Angus' translation of Professor Emeritus, Dr Ian Angus' 2009 book Love the Questions has just been published by Wolkowicz Editories. The 2019 Amar Las Preguntas features a new forward by Newton Duarte
Professor Emerita in the Humanities, Dr. Kathy Mezei, is enjoying a productive retirement with the publication of her third book, Living with Strangers: Bedsits and Boarding Houses in Modern English Life, Literature and Film, co-edited with Chiara Briganti. The book "examines the history and cultural representation of bed-sitting rooms and boarding houses in England from the early twentieth century to the present. Providing a historical overview, the authors explore how these alternative domestic spaces came to provide shelter for a diverse demographic of working women and men, retired army officers, gay people, students, bohemians, writers, artists, performers, migrants and asylum seekers, as well as shady figures and criminals."
Professor Gandesha and Professor Johan Hartle launched their book Aesthetic Marx at the University of Bologna this May

Rowman & Littlefield Int'l published Dr. Anne-Marie Feenberg-Dibon's The City in the Making, the English translation of Marcel Hénaf's exploration of the nature of urban phenomenon, La ville qui vient, in 2015