Mitch Macdonald

Mitch Macdonald is a PhD student in the School of Criminology at Simon Fraser University. His research interests include the measurement of illicit markets, money from crime, the value of human and social capital for criminal achievement, social network theory and analysis, and quantitative analysis.

Working under the supervision of Dr. Martin Bouchard, Mitch is currently collaborating on a project seeking to estimate the price and price elasticity of demand for illicit marijuana in Canada using data sourced from and Tor online drug markets. Mitch's PhD thesis will examine the social embeddedness of fraud networks within the larger landscape of organized crime.

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Macdonald, M., & Frank, R. (2017). Shuffle Up and Deal: Use of a Capture-Recapture Method to Estimate the Size of Stolen Data Markets. American Behavioral Scientist. DOI: 10.1177/0002764217734262  

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*Won Best Paper at the 2015 FOSINT conference