ICURS Associates

Andrea Curman

Degrees Obtained: PhD, Criminology, SFU; MA Criminology, SFU; BA, Psychology/Family Studies, UBC

Areas of Interest: Longitudinal trajectory analysis of crime hot spots in Vancouver, BC.

Allison Campbell

Crime Analyst; MA Student, Criminology, SFU

Degrees Obtained: BA, Criminology, SFU; Police Studies Certificate, Criminology, SFU; Associates Degree, Criminology, Douglas College


Areas of Interest: CPTED; environmental criminology; intelligence-led policing; police resourcing; spatial crime analysis; risk terrain modeling.

Jordan Ginther

Spatial Information Systems Specialist

Degrees Obtained: BSc, Computing Science, SFU; Geographical Information Science Spatial Information Systems Certificate, SFU

Areas of Interest: Using GIS as a tool to analyze and solve practical issues in modern society.

Rick Lavin

Senior Police Scholar & Researcher, ICURS; President & CEO of North Okanagan Investigations; Associate Researcher, Centre for Criminology and Justice Research, Mount Royal University

Areas of Interest: Complexities of policing; environmental criminology; CPTED; crime reduction methodology; performance management; rural policing analysis and forensic network analysis.

Monique Les

Research Analyst, Road Safety Unit, Police Services Division, Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General

Areas of Interest: Community surveys; evidence-based policy; socio-economic patterns of crime; disorder.

Nahanni Pollard

Degrees Obtained: PhD, MA, BA, Criminology, SFU

Areas of Interest: Sentencing trends of chronic offenders.

Andrew Reid

Faculty Member, Douglas College; PhD Student, Criminology, SFU

Degrees Obtained: MA, Criminology, SFU; BA, Criminology, SFU


Areas of Interest: Criminal court processes; crime analysis; crime prevention; environmental criminology.

Mary Beth Rondeau

City Architect, City of Surrey

Areas of Interest: Crime prevention through urban design (CPTUD).

Lionel Tolan

Director of Academic Computing Services, SFU

Mona Vajihollahi

Degrees Obtained: PhD, MA, Computing Science, SFU; BSc, Computing Engineering with specialization in software engineering, Sharif University of Technology

Areas of Interest: Computational modeling and analysis techniques within public safety and security; computer models of crime; designing new analysis approaches for public safety and security systems; rigorous approaches to security and privacy.

Tara Weiszbeck

Intelligence Analyst, RCMP "E" Division Traffic Services

Areas of Interest: Crime Analysis; effectiveness of enforcement.

Terry Whin-Yates

Crime Analysis Researcher and IT Lead

Kathryn Wuschke

Assistant Professor, Criminology and Criminal Justice

Degrees Obtained: PhD, Criminology, SFU; MA, Geography, SFU; BA (Hons), Geography, University of Saskatchewan


Areas of Interest: GIS and spatial crime analysis; environmental criminology; crime and urban development.