National Members

Johann Brink

Clinical Professor, Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia; Vice President, Medical Affairs and Research, Forensic Psychiatric Services; Scientific Director, Forensic Psychiatric Services, BC Mental Health and Addications Research Institute


Areas of Interest: Assessment; clinical risk management; epidemiology; forensic psychiatry/psychology; legal aspects of addictions/mental illness.

Len Garis

Fire Chief, City of Surrey


Areas of Interest: Detection of clandestine chemical facilities using airborne longwave hyperspectral imagery; electromagnetic radiation analyzer and classifier; residential fires in Surrey, BC.

Rick Linden

Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Manitoba


Areas of Interest: Policing; crime prevention; environmental criminology; criminal justice; corrections; automotive theft.

Jamie Livingston

Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology and Criminology, Saint Mary's University


Areas of Interest: Forensic mental health; mental health and the law; social inclusion and justice; stigma; compulsory mental health treatment.

ShiHong Mu

Senior Research Analyst, Ministry of Justice, Province of British Columbia


Andrew Park

Assistant Professor, Department of Computing Science, Thompson Rivers University


Areas of Interest: Computational criminology; social network analysis; agent-based modeling and simulation; information visualization; graphics; virtual environment; human computer interaction; mobile augmented reality and gaming.