Past Research Areas

Fear of Crime - Managing Crime and Disorder Within Diverse Communities

Fear or crime research within the field of environmental criminology focuses on the micro - meso - macro interactions that occur between individuals and their environment. The management of crime and disorder takes into account the diversity of communities while also attending to feelings of safety within the built environment.

Public Safety and Public Health

Public safety and public health research addresses the growing need to identify and assesses the overlap in goals and services between different parts of government that provide safety and health services and to assess these overlapping actions by considering needs in communities.

Policing Complexity

Policing involves levels of complexity that are influenced by crimes, mix of crimes, crime trends, existing laws, changes in laws, court decisions, policies in policing and policies that cover all areas of the justice system, technical developments, training and changes in community, regional and international conditions. This level of complexity requires careful development of a research framework, innovative measures and research methods. Projects address some of these issues and set the stage for future research.