Getting your Card

You need your SFU ID Card:

  • To identify you for exams (mid-terms as well as finals)
  • To prove you are permitted to use U-Pass BC on TransLink public transit
  • To check out materials including computers from the Library
  • To access dining hall and meal plans
  • To qualify for student discounts
  • To enjoy free entry to SFU Varsity games

Your card is automatically renewed whenever you enroll in courses. You must keep your card for the duration of your studies at SFU and thereafter as alumni. To learn more about your SFU card and how to use it, see Managing your SFU Card.

How to get your card

If you are a new student

If you are a new student starting in the Fall term, you will be able to get your Student ID card 24 hours after you have enrolled in courses.

If you are taking in-person classes

Go directly to the Registrar & Information Services office at any campus with appropriate identification* to request your ID Card. We will take your photo and hand you your ID card.

If you are only taking classes by remote learning  

If you are only taking classes by remote learning, please e-mail us at and we will correspond with you directly.

If you have questions about this process, please contact us.

* Acceptable photo identification

To get your SFU ID card, you must present one of the following valid photo IDs with your full name and date of birth in English (please note, expired documents will be rejected):

  • Passport - must include a signed signature page
  • Birth certificate*
  • Canadian Driver’s licence
  • BCID
  • Certificate of Indian Status
  • GoCard (must be presented with birth certificate or CareCard)
  • Canadian citizenship certificate*
  • Permanent resident card

*Must be presented with photo ID, if photo not included. 

Remote Learning: photo standards for submitted photo

You must also submit a photo that can be included on your SFU ID card and that meets the following standards:

    Photograph must:

  • Be taken on a plain coloured, smooth background
  • Be taken straight on, face square to the camera, with a clear view of the entire face and shoulders
  • Contain no head coverings (e.g., hats, headphones or masks) unless worn for religious beliefs or medical reasons
  • Show open and visible eyes
  • Not be altered in any way
  • Be in colour (no black-and-white)
  • Reflect current appearance (no filters)
  • Be saved as a .jpg/.jpeg

Types of ID cards

SFU student

SFU ID cards are automatically renewed whenever you enroll in courses. You must keep your card for the duration of your studies at SFU and thereafter as an alumnus.

Faculty and staff

Human Resources will notify you when your card is available to be produced. If you are working on campus and require an ID card, please visit Registrar and Information Services at any of our three campuses.

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Visitor card

There are two types of visitor card: the Athletics and Recreation Membership ID Card and the Library External Borrower Card.

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New FIC student

The Registrar and Information Services office at Burnaby can create student ID cards for Fraser International College (FIC) students, if they have an immediate need.

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