Replacing and maintaining your card

Lost or stolen cards

At this time, we are only replacing ID Cards for SFU community members with a demonstrated need, eg, students living in SFU Residence or staff working on campus.

If you have a need for a replacement SFU ID Card, please complete the web form. If not, we look forward to producing your replacement card when we return to in-person services! If you are unsure, please Contact Us.

Replacements card for

Fee (tax included)

Burnaby or Vancouver campus student replacements cards:

Surrey campus student replacement cards:

External borrower

Note: Once a replacement SFU card is issued, any previously issued SFU ID card will become inactive. If you find an inactive card, you should destroy it.


Caring for your card

Your SFU ID card is designed to last a long time. It is one of the most important pieces of identification you will carry during your time at Simon Fraser University. Take good care of it!

  • Do not tamper with your photograph or any information on your SFU ID card.
  • Keep it away from sources of heat.
  • Keep it away from keys or anything that can scratch it. Scratches may make the barcode or magnetic strip unreadable. Also, if the writing is no longer legible, the card may not be accepted.
  • Remove it from your pocket before washing and drying your clothes.
  • Do not bend it or punch holes through it.
  • Do not lend your SFU card to anyone. You are responsible for all transactions on it, authorised or not.

Managing your finances

Need help managing your finances? See the Financial Aid and Awards website or meet with a financial aid advisor.