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Canada Research Chair Steven Holdcroft and his team have created a high-performance, anion-exchange membrane that could revolutionize hydrogen production and water electrolysis.

Commercializing intellectual property is not a straightforward process. Industry Engagement has the expertise to help you protect and license your intellectual property, increase your access to research funding, and mobilize your research results to help solve societal problems.

Reporting your invention

The Industry Engagement team is developing a range of outreach services to faculty to improve learning opportunities for IP, identify technologies in development at SFU, and to steer researchers towards commercialization possibilities. We are here to help guide you through the process of disclosing and protecting your IP.

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Intellectual property advice and protection

We search patent databases and provide advice to researchers on an individual basis as to whether intellectual property protection is possible. Each year we finance a small number of patent applications for promising technologies.

If you are a researcher, faculty, or staff thinking about seeking IP protection, it is important to review Policy R30.03 and learn more about your rights and obligations.

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Research funding and support

Industry Engagement can assist researchers with the requirements for a range of agency grants.

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Research partnerships

Industry Engagement forges collaborative research partnerships between researchers and external companies and government organizations. Our staff respond to requests for research assistance, conduct on-site visits to determine specific research needs and make each organization aware of SFU's wide range of technologies and expertise.

We maintain an up-to-date index of SFU's research capabilities in appropriate industry directories. We also coordinate with SFU faculties to organize and implement research consortia and institutes that have industry interaction as an objective.

Industry Engagement also facilitates commercialization agreements between industrial and institutional partners.



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Researchers, do you have an invention? Tell us first! We can help protect the results of your research. Be sure to inform us of any disclosures you have made, including conference abstracts and publications.

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"The folks at Industry Engagement worked with our group to understand the NSERC process and supported us as we moved forward. Thank you, IE!"

Katrina Salvante, NSERC Post-Doctoral Fellow, Faculty of Sciences Lab Manager