Joint Majors

Archaeology and Indigenous Studies

This program focuses and expands expertise in areas where archaeology and Indigenous Studies intersect.

Joint major students will gain insight into Indigenous cultures in British Columbia and North America and learn about Indigenous perspectives on the contemporary world, including issues in archaeology, cultural heritage, resource management, government relations and land claims. Students are trained in material culture studies, techniques and technologies to analyze the ancient and historic past, ancient and modern artistic traditions, conservation and management of archaeological and museum collections, and other public exhibits related to Indigenous heritage. Students should plan their program in consultation with Indigenous Studies and Archaeology advisors.

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Linguistics and Indigenous Studies

This joint major will focus and expand expertise where these two disciplines intersect. Students will gain insight into the languages and cultures of British Columbia and North America Indigenous people. The program provides in-depth understanding of at least one Indigenous language and develops skills related to language teaching and curriculum development. Students should plan their studies in consultation with both the Indigenous Studies and Linguistics advisors.

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For more information, please contact the Indigenous Studies academic advisor.