Provide tools, methods, and resources to enable collaboration, communication, and engagement with SFU’s broad span of internal and external communities.

1. Foster an open and transparent information systems culture by:

  • Ensuring our clients are respected
  • Creating processes that are accessible
  • Actively engaging internal and external entities

2. Enhance community collaboration by:

  • Delivering meeting collaboration technology that transcends physical boundaries and creates a seamless experience throughout all of SFU
  • Scanning the environment for successful community-built systems and transforming them into enterprise-level services
  • Broadening the usage of externally available services while preserving and serving the privacy needs of all stakeholders
  • Delivering information systems designed to engage alumni and donors

3. Extend the unique information systems capabilities of the university to provide services to the external community by:

  • Broadening access to regional and national networks
  • Providing learning tools to the educational community beyond the University’s traditional boundaries
  • Sharing appropriate data openly with the community to enable new forms and applications of data analytics

4. Partner with external organizations to expand SFU’s community engagement by:

  • Participating in governance of provincial and national higher education information systems organizations
  • Contributing resources and efforts to provincial, federal, and international information systems communities
  • Developing mutuality of interest relationships with vendors to foster strategic alliances