Provide integrated, secure, and sustainable information systems as a foundation for enhancing SFU’s engagement goals.

1. Modernize our technology infrastructure by:

  • Continually upgrading wireless services across all campuses to support a highly mobile community
  • Rationalizing data centres into the most advanced facilities available
  • Concurrently consuming and providing cloud services
  • Upgrading our network infrastructure to enable advanced technologies

2. Secure our information systems, ensure compliance, and support the ethical data needs of our clients by:

  • Implementing one highly secure single sign-on service authentication process for all systems
  • Implementing disaster recovery services across physically separate campuses
  • Preventing criminal and malicious activity from compromising our information systems, data, performance, and availability
  • Ensuring information systems support privacy, freedom of information, and compliance legislation

3. Manage the financial aspects of our services from a value perspective by:

  • Creating budget model based on a service catalog where performance is assessed by the value delivered to our clients
  • Building and continuously updating a 6 year financial forecast
  • Negotiating enterprise licenses wherever beneficial and practical
  • Assessing new information systems as investments that are being mindful of long-term University needs


4. Plan for the future while managing the present by:

  • Identifying new technologies with high potential to enhance SFU’s mission
  • Consulting with clients and updating the One I.S. Strategic Plan annually
  • Developing regularly reviewed annual plans to execute the One I.S. Strategic Plan
  • Managing and mitigating all information systems risks
  • Developing performance metrics that are meaningful to our clients
  • Implementing an Enterprise Architecture for information systems planning, organizing, and integrating