Accelerate the pace of research and innovation, cultivate interdisciplinary and inter-university collaboration, and drive economic development.

1. Lead the country in providing advanced research computing by:

  • Applying for funding opportunities as they arise
  • Seeking additional resources to fill the funding gap and support further services
  • Providing innovative services such as state-of-the-art cloud services, software defined networks, virtual storage, and virtual architecture
  • Providing a highly adaptable environment that welcomes innovative possibilities for partnership with research, teaching, and industry


2. Adapt technology to meet researchers’ needs by:

  • Helping research support staff to understand researchers’ needs
  • Making systems more convenient to use
  • Removing barriers preventing researchers from using technology
  • Developing architecture for research requiring quickly deployable virtual isolation for privacy and security


3. Engage researchers in leveraging the technology by:

  • Educating the research community about the services available
  • Helping researchers to use the technology
  • Showcasing capabilities of technology to enable new research
  • Encouraging researchers to go beyond their current use of technology
  • Engaging subject matter experts one-on-one with research groups