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ServiceHub is our new one-stop portal for you to interact with IT Services about the services you are interested in.

If you need assistance with a service, request for support at


SFU'S Content Management System

AEM is the university-backed, fully-supported web publishing system, for SFU departments to use at no cost. It is easy to learn, requires no knowledge of web programming or HTML, and has a polished interface.


Get help

Contact your site administrator if you have any AEM-related questions.

To find out who your site administrator is:

  1. Go to
  2. Click "Find maillists to which I belong"
  3. Look for a maillist in the following format: cms-<yourwebsite>-authors (e.g., cms-basketweaving-authors)
  4. Click on the maillist to view its properties. The site administrator is the owner of the list.

For general questions about AEM, please visit ServiceHub to request for help:

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