Remote access

Step 1:

Open the computer lab dashboard.

Step 2:

  1. Click on a campus
  2. Click on the IP Address of the computer you want to use
  3. Important: Remember the computer name for a later step, i.e., aq-3148-02

Step 3:

Login via CAS and MFA to access Guacmole at

MFA enrollment is required for this service. Set up MFA  →

Step 4:

Find the computer you selected in step 2, by

  • Option 1 (preffered): using the Search filter
  • Option 2: browsing by Faculty/Campus > LabName


Connection protocols RDP vs SSH are identified by the icon

Step 5:

Sign in using:

  • your SFU computingID and password, and 
  • domin: ADSFU

Sign out when your are finished to make the computer available for others.

Remote sessions will automatically time out after 3 hours of continuous use to allow all students the opportunity to use our computer labs.

Using guacamole gateway:

The Guacamole menu

The Guacamole menu is a sidebar which is hidden until explicitly shown. On a desktop or other device which has a hardware keyboard, you can show this menu by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Shift

Copying/pasting text

At the top of the Guacamole menu is a text area labeled "clipboard" along with some basic instructions.

Transferring files for SSH connections:

You can transfer files back and forth between your local computer and the remote desktop for SSH connections.

Files can be transferred to the remote computer by dragging and dropping the files into your browser window, or through using the file browser located in the Guacamole menu.  You can show this menu by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Shift.   Use the option for "Upload File."

RDP connections to windows or linux system will need to use other means such as Vault or Office 365 cloud drives.