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Delegated Account Management

A MFA-friendly way to manage access to sponsored accounts

The Delegated Account Management (DAM) app is an MFA-friendly way for you to manage access to sponsored accounts at SFU. It allows you to delegate access to other users without needing to share account credentials.

Those who have delegated access will be able to log into your sponsored account using their own Computing ID and password, also known as delegate login, so you don’t need to share a password or MFA code.

What services does delegate login support?

Delegate login is only supported on web-based CAS-protected services that allow sponsored accounts to login. Services that don't allow sponsored accounts, such as FINS and myINFO, cannot use delegate login.


Have a question or feedback?

If you have need help or have any question or feedback regarding DAM, please see our list of FAQs or contact the IT Service Desk.