Who are SFU's approved vendors?

  • Microserve - our partner for Dell products. 2-day ordering forlaptops, desktops, 24" monitors, docks
  • Simply Computing - our retail partner for Apple products
  • Apple Education Store - promotional free items not available on enterprise purchases
  • Dell Premier - for larger or custom orders of Optiplex desktops, Latitude laptops, monitors, accessories

Who can get a Microserve eStore account?

The Microserve eStore is aimed at:

  • Local and Enterprise IT staff
  • Departmental Budget or Procurement staff

Can I buy a different model or customize Specs (RAM, SSD, etc)?

Yes, we can obtain quotes for purchasing for:

  • Different device model
  • Different specs (RAM, SSD, accessories, or options)

If you'd like something custom from Apple or Dell send us a screenshot for an enterprise quote.

How do I make a warranty claim for an item I purchased?

Warranty claims can be made with either your local support points or via enterprise IT support.

To request warranty support, please provide the following information:

  • Device make and model
  • Identification number: service tag number, serial number and asset tag
  • Detailed description of the issue

Repairs are initiated by local IT support or enterprise IT support using the following methods:

Microserve eStore Accounts & Data Privacy

  • The Microserve eStore servers stores account data in the United States but remains FIPPA compliant.
  • However, if you ship directly to a staff or faculty member's home address you will need their express permission. Home addresses are considered personal information and wll be stored outside of Canada if used in the Microserve eStore.