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Event Recording and Livestreaming

This service is NOT for teaching or lecture recording. Instructors for classes can check out our Lecture Recording service

Setup and on-site support of video recording and livestreaming technology for internal events and conferences at the university

IT Services offers live streaming and video recording of keynote presentations, conferences, or special internal events from one of three SFU campuses. Providing our professional staff and video capture system, we can help you promote your research, education program, or departmental events. Our service includes:

  • Live Streaming (including video recording)
  • Event Recording


Best Practices and Recommendations

  • Live streaming is a great medium to engage massive audiences. For smaller target audiences (e.g., less than 100 participants), you may want to consider video conferencing via SFU Zoom.
  • This service is available for internal events; this refers to events viewed primarily by SFU faculty, staff, and students. We set up Unlisted mode for live streaming, and the live stream can be accessible to any SFU members who know your live event page. 
  • Cloud Recording via Zoom and live-streaming your Zoom meeting to a third-party platform (for public events) can be available as self-service options. IT Services doesn't offer live streaming using a third-party platform like YouTube or Facebook Live.
  • This is a separate service from Equipment Loans and Setups

Get help

Event inquiries and requests

  • Contact MECS (Meeting, Event, Conference Services) 

Standard service hours

  • 8:00 am - 6:00 pm, Monday to Friday;
  • 8:00 am - 3:00 pm, Saturday

Customer Support

Additional support will be provided by the IT Support team

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