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A student information management system

goSFU is the information management system available to SFU students, faculty, and staff 24/7. All SFU students are able to access goSFU for course registration, viewing grades, tracking degree progress, ordering transcripts, and applying for graduation. For faculty and staff, access to goSFU is provided for the purpose of performing administrative and advising duties.

how to Access


Access to the Student Centre (goSFU) is provided for students and alumni to enroll in classes, view grades, track academic progress, order transcripts, apply for graduation, and much more.

How to access goSFU

Undergraduate applicants

Access to goSFU is provided for applicants to check and update their application, self-report grades, and pay admission fees.

How to access goSFU

Forgot your SFU student number or temporary password?


Access to the Faculty Centre (goSFU) is provided for instructors to check class schedules, view class rosters, assign final grades to students, and submit or approve grade change requests.

Instructors will obtain access to goSFU automatically once their teaching appointment has been entered into the system. Access to goSFU will be provided for as long as the instructor has an active teaching appointment at SFU.

How to access goSFU

  • You must have an active SFU Computing ID to access goSFU.
  • If your SFU Computing ID has not been activated yet, activate it now.
  • Access to your Faculty Centre is tied to your SFU Computing ID; role accounts cannot be used.


Access to goSFU is provided upon request to staff members for the purpose of performing administrative and advising duties.

How to access goSFU

Request staff access to goSFU

  • Request for access via the goSFU Access Form.
  • You must be in a temporary or continuing position at SFU. The purpose of your goSFU access request must be related to your position at SFU.
  • Authorization from your Department and the Registrar is required. Access cannot be granted to role accounts.

Fraser International College (FIC) Students

Students who attend and are currently enrolled in classes at Fraser International College (FIC) are able to access goSFU to pay residence fees.

How to access goSFU

Applied to SFU?

Sign in to goSFU as an undergraduate applicant at with your 9-digit SFU student number and temporary password.


Get help


Connect with Registrar and Information Services for support.

Undergraduate applicants

Explore knowledge articles and join the SFU Future Students Community.


See Faculty Resources for detailed instructions and frequently asked questions.

For inquiries or issues related to grade submission or changes


Seek support from an appropriate department in Student Services or Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies. For technical issues that cannot be resolved by these departments, please create a ticket in ServiceHub.

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