Add a staff printer from mac os x

Before  you begin, you will need two things:

1) Printer drivers. ALL MAC USERS will need to download and install a driver for our Konica/Minolta MFP first. Click here.

2) Your account code. Copiers at some departments at SFU are locked down and users can only print by configuring their department's account code into the installed printer.

Print Queue Installation:

  • Open System Preferences, click "Print and Fax" or "Print and Scan".
  • Click the plus "+" to add a printer.
  • Click the "IP" tab.
  • Choose Protocol: LPD.
  • Enter the copier's FULL host name or IP address in the "Address" field. All printers are labelled. Look for the label!
  • Leave the "Queue" field BLANK.
  • The name field should be automatically populated, if it is not, set the copier's name to match its' address.
  • Enter the copier's correct location into the "Location" field.

Most KM MFP copiers will auto-select the correct driver. If it is not chosen automatically, click "Print Using: Select Print Software"

This is a search field. Type "minolta" and select the exact model you are installing

If you cannot find the model you are installing, please install the Konica/Minolta drivers and restart. If you have not done so you must quit Printer Setup, install the drivers and start over.

Click the "Ok" button and select the options for your printer:

Please note that with the 501 model you MUST choose "ID&Print" in order for the department code features to work.

If you are unsure of any installable options, it is acceptable to leave them set to "none".


Some departmental SFU MFP copiers will require you to enter your account code. You enter your account code when you go to print...

If you do not know your code please contact your departmental assistant.