Set up MFA

Please select the device you are planning to use for MFA and proceed to the setup instructions:

Recommended for most MFA users as it offers the best experience.

It's more convenient

  • Estimated 5-minute setup experience to complete the enrollment.
  • Can be set up at any time with the self-service instructions.
  • No additional devices to carry with you; most individuals already keep their mobile devices close by.
  • LastPass Authenticator mobile app benefits:
    • Lightweight app (i.e., approximately equivalent to the size of a photo)
    • No personal info collected/tracked
    • No internet/data connection needed to function
    • Free of charge to use
    • Well-known and reputable vendor
  • Other mobile app options available; many free apps are available on the app store that supports SFU's MFA.

MFA code can only be accessed by authorized individual of the mobile device

If lost or stolen, your mobile device may have biometric or other protections (e.g., your phone's passcode lock) that further protect your MFA codes from unauthorized access.


Available as an alternative for those who cannot or do not wish to use a mobile device for any reason.

It's less convenient

  • Need to obtain a physical token by purchasing or submitting a request to begin the enrollment process.
  • An additional device to carry with you; can be easily misplaced due to the small size.
  • Non-serviceable, non-rechargeable battery with limited life span.
  • No display backlighting; may be more difficult for some individuals to see codes.
  • More prone to "invalid code" errors; hardware tokens run on their own built-in timing devices to generate codes that may fall out of synchronization with SFU's MFA servers. If this occurs, you will need to contact the IT Service Desk for a reset.

MFA code is displayed on the token and no authorization is needed to access the codes

If lost or stolen, a hardware token has no further protections in place to prevent unauthorized access to your MFA codes.

You would need to immediately report a lost/stolen hardware token to the IT Service Desk to request its deactivation. 


Equipment needed for the set up

For the best experience, you will need the following equipment for your MFA set up:

  1. The device you are planning to use for MFA (i.e., your mobile device or hardware token), and
  2. laptop/desktop to assist with the enrollment.

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