PaperCut is the printing service for students

The PaperCut login portal is only accessible on campus at this time.

PaperCut is the printing service for SFU & FIC students, available in computer labs and libraries across all three campuses. You can access Papercut using your Computing ID and password. Please make sure your SFU Computing ID has been activated.



Why can't I use the printer in the Dinning Hall on Burnaby campus?

Only students enrolled in the SFU Meal Plan have access to the printers in the Dinning Hall. Students with the SFU Meal Plan can print up to 20 complimentary pages per day. 

Check out the instructions on how to use the Dinning Hall printers

I have trouble printing, though there's money in my account.

Printing balances shown on the Print Release Station reflect a combined total consisting of: 

  • Default (department funding)
  • Cash 
  • CS FM
  • Dining Hall FM

Print release stations/kiosks only recognize 'Cash' accounts and will not print jobs if there are insufficient funds in the ‘Cash’ account. Dining Hall FM funds can only be used on the Dining Hall printing. 

Available to 


* Also available to FIC students

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This service is only available on SFU campuses at the moment.